DK | Discover Khmer Design

Cambodian design. Art. Aesthetics. Something was in this place, something I had never before seen. Vernacular architecture enchanted, the moment I landed in Phnom Penh. I stayed five years. It didn’t quit, the old mood of returning, whenever I was gone for a while to explore elsewhere, the feeling that there was a magic here. Not surprising the tourism folks call it the Kingdom of Wonder. I found myself growing more curious each day by the kbach lettering I read about in a shelf on the ground floor of the building where I was living. It was a nail salon. One of the nail artists, the very talentedĀ Soknea Teang, taught us from time to time how it worked. Then, on invitation from DK, she and other nail artists led a mini demonstration using paper of how the drawings are made. This was the event, called, ‘Discover Khmer Design.’

This post is for the late ST.