This is an interview I just finished editing, and uploaded to Soundcloud.

It’s a cool conversation on the meaning of ‘success’ with Shalini Verma, who is a MIT and Harvard Business School graduate. Today, she is a director at Google, too.

I like the idea of this story going live, and having a chance to display through the recordings something that happens when I get to talk to people. About the things that matter to each of us, as we get to know one another, and learn, and co-discover.

It’s an unfolding. I had reached out on LinkedIn after watching a few of her short videos there. I liked what she was saying. I wanted to know more. So, here we are on tape. Do people  say ‘tape?’ Hm. Talking. Like, for real. Which I say a lot but it’s hard to know what that sounds like, so I hope this 30-minute podcast episode does the trick to illustrate what I say I actually love to do: get to the heart of amazing conversations, invite, and include, and share. Deeply, not superficially.


‘I think the story here is, what is it that gets you to pause and reflect… tune into this… quiet self. And step away from the mind and ego, and listen to the heart for a moment.’ – Shalini Verma


Discovery and co-discovery

All weekend, I’ve been thinking about our conversations. As I tried to imagine how to focus 3 hours of recordings and tell a good story for those who want to hear it. I guess there are so, so many ways you can approach a pile of material and true to form, for me, I like to dive in and cut, cut to exclude, and also, notice what’s left. This is exactly how I make all my art pieces. Zines. Collages, and now, these podcasts. Cut and learn what’s actually there, when you take the extraneous bits away. Keep the important parts and the fun parts. Most importantly, keep it real. Spontaneous is good. Let it flow. Let it… play.

Our conversation, and this week’s issue of the e-mag I make, S P A C E, are both called ‘New Baselines.’ Shalini Verma’s personal essay, ‘Rewritings,’ is published inside it.


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Making S P A C E

More about S P A C E, the zine, and this new podcasting idea to add dimensionality and texture to the big work of finding other people and listening together to one another in order to see, learn, and connect is at the crowdfunding page for #spacethezine. See ‘Conversations.’

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