A Siem Reap conversation happened because of… twitter


‘I have an idea.’

‘What’s your idea?’

‘Let’s meet up and talk.’




Showing up is 90% of it


‘That was great. What do you want to do?’

‘A conversation salon. A conversation installation, I like to think of it…’

‘A what? You have to be more specific about that, I think.’


‘I mean, what is it?’


‘What, though?’


‘And it costs? Um. That’s not gonna fly too well, around here. People expect stuff to be free.’

‘Its like five dollars, though. Five.’




‘Oh-kay. We can try it.’



Trying new things




‘I’m S.’

‘S. from twitter?!?’





‘P, this is S.’

‘S. from twitter?’

‘Yeah!’ ‘Yeah!’




‘I can’t believe people came to this and paid.’


‘We did a lot!’


‘I see what you mean about how it’s not just a meet up.’






Photo: The 1961