Atelier S P A C E Phnom Penh | Beginnings

The next things are next. I’m hosting a ‘miniparty’ in Phnom Penh for just six people. That includes me, this time, so that means just five. Two people have already registered and that means we’re gonna give this a go. Reflecting, as I wrote the story about why I’m doing all these things, why I […]

Atelier S P A C E Oulu | ‘Hei Kesä’ at Oulu Arts Festival

DK: ‘I was wondering if I could do something with you guys.’ OAF: ‘What?’ DK: ‘Something for Oulu Arts Festival, I think?’ OAF: ‘Let’s talk.’ DK: ‘Yes, lets!’   *** Café Tuokio Pakkahuoneenkatu 7 13–16 Zine Workshop: Hei Kesä. Zines. Conversation. Real life. In an age where the internet can confuse and lie to us, […]

DK | Discover Khmer Design

Cambodian design. Art. Aesthetics. Something was in this place, something I had never before seen. Vernacular architecture enchanted, the moment I landed in Phnom Penh. I stayed five years. It didn’t quit, the old mood of returning, whenever I was gone for a while to explore elsewhere, the feeling that there was a magic here. […]

DK | Origin: ‘What is fromness?’

WHO: 16 strangers WHERE: Milk Green Tea, Phnom Penh WHEN: March 2014 WHAT: A salon using the ‘unconference’ method ORIGIN: ‘What is fromness?’ was inspired by the talk, ‘Ask me where I’m local’ by Taiye Selasi: ‘When someone asks you where you’re from … do you sometimes not know how to answer? Selasi speaks on behalf of […]

DK | Modern Sikkim

WHO: Sonam Tashi Gyaltsen, Dipika Kohli, Guests WHERE: B. R. E. W., Gangtok WHEN: October 2013 WHAT: A conversation salon series WHY: I love to gather people for remarkable connections, which means mixing things up quite a bit. You get out of your usual box, you run into someone you don’t really know and you have a […]