I found an old post about my time in Viet Nam during the first 2 years of the pandemic and realized it’s a good time to put an issue together, about it, for S P A C E.

Recalling how it felt to work hard on raising money, bit by bit, for the zinemaking popup workshop, Atelier S P A C E, when I was ‘stuck’ in Viet Nam for all that time, I have a lot of feelings around it all. The hardest thing in the world is to be yourself, a line of poetry from somewhere in the recesses of my mind, plus a quote about how ‘All men dream, but not equally…’ It’s easy to be influenced when we’re young. I internalized these, in my younger years, and they changed how I thought about just about everything regarding how one chooses her choices.

This week in S P A C E, a special short collection of writing and photography.

S P A C E | ‘Cá Nằm Trên Thớt’

Here’s a link.