I’m updating some of the old blog posts at Design Kompany and it’s really fun to go back and review everything from past collections of S P A C E. One of the interviews I had done through the internet was with a leadership coach, and there was a podcast that had caught my ear that he had done titled ‘Bottlenecks.’ Wow did that ever get my attention. We’ve all been in places when someone wants to thwart something. It’s kind of amazing to hear a whole podcast about that type of personality.

From my own experience in offices in Tokyo, Seattle, and Raleigh, I remember this kind of thing. There are a lot of big egos around.

I really could relate to the things I heard there and so, we emailed and I got to ask who a bottleneck is and how they get to be that way. I also added more around the various other more real-time conversations happening around me, like about Quality and the book ZAMM and how you need to know what you want to say if you want to start your ‘marketing’ project(s). My opinion.

Anyway, this coming Tuesday in S P A C E is a remixed version of ‘Bottlenecks.’

Here is a link.