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25 January 2017

The Book of Time

This happened. We were there, the three of us, wondering if something might happen in the way of peple showing up, out of the internet. They did not. But what we did uncover was much more incredible, I think, than if they had, and we had had to be in entertainer mode. What happened at this miniature theater was nothing short of spectacular and that, I think, was because we showed up. Designed the thing, the ‘book of Time’ show-up-if-you-want party. The theory was something all three of us had been very rehearsed in, working in various fields. But when e showed up, together, something altogether beautiful happened. Because we made time for it. Because we were there.┬áTo articulate it, by simply letting the words and experience blur into each other, and share that which came next.


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