The Book of Ennui

[Five strangers gathered over breakfast in Phnom Penh. A light breeze, an open-air courtyard]

‘So that’s what it is!’


‘The graph. You drew a graph?’

‘I did…’

‘Who else made some kind of headway?’

‘…’ ‘I think I did….’ ‘This is what I feel…’ ‘And here is my conclusion.’

‘What is ennui? We are asking about this, together. We come from different worlds, but the five of us are here and we are sharing, deeply, and in this moment. I know you don’t know each other, but here we are. Thank you for joining.

‘Ennui, we are finding… is what happens in the gap between expectations and reality…’

‘!’ ‘…’ ‘!*’ ‘Yeah…’