The next things are next. I’m hosting a ‘miniparty’ in Phnom Penh for just six people.

That includes me, this time, so that means just five.

Two people have already registered and that means we’re gonna give this a go.

Reflecting, as I wrote the story about why I’m doing all these things, why I care about ‘the art of now,’ or however more eloquently articulated that will become the longer I write and the more often about the why I make anyways question, well, yeah. I got to thinking.

I got to reminiscing.


Past present

About mini parties in Hanoi, Bangkok, Riga, and of course here in Phnom Penh. I’m really excited to circle back to where it all began; this idea of moving from ‘big facebook everyone’s invited’ insincerity that results in I’ll see if I’m free on the day and not busy with other things and bored enough to join maybe. To something… better. In my world, that is.


A mix-it-up collage with line art originally made by Aubrey Beardsley, background vector art by, plus a quote from M. Twain. In a composition designed by DK.


Better equals clear and inviting and inclusive and well-designed.

Above all, well-designed.

Which is why I’m hosting ‘Beginnings.’

It will be at a *secret location*, which we are confirming amongst those of us who are already registered. This will take place on 14th of January. If the last 4 miniparties are anything to go by, it’s gonna be… in the words of M. from northern Finland… (hei, M!),  ‘It’s gonna be great.’

Register here