Atelier S P A C E

It was September 2020. I was just arriving in Ho Chi Minh City. There might or might not be opportunities to make, and to co-create, there.

I was in Dalat, after all, for five months, ‘waiting for the pandemic to end’ and writing End of the Rainbow. These things happened and didn’t happen, in the reverse order, and so, accepting such, I changed it up and showed up here. In Ho Chi Minh City. To see what might happen.

With some setbacks, some external discouragement, obvious insecurities from those who pretended to be interested in collaborating, youth, culture clashes, and so much more, I decided to take Atelier S P A C E back to the internet, from February 2021. So I am doing that. Which saves me a lot of hassle, time, effort, and actually pays better, too.


We had a budget of about USD $800 thanks to a crowdfunding campaign to support it. Atelier S P A C E // HCMC used it to rent a studio, to get lots of coffees, to buy art supplies, and to make the S P A C E issues in our store that are from the Atelier S P A C E // Ho Chi Minh City chapter.

These are some of them:

I’m thankful to some people for backing me up on the vision for this. It was really cool to watch the requests for support come through in financial ways, in creative input submitted ways, in ‘awesome, Dipika’ words of love and admiration, and more. I am always thankful to my teammates, wherever I go in the world, and I was lucky to somehow find a great collaborator in Ho Chi Minh City who helped me think up the concept for ‘Here & Now’ for our Autumn collection and ‘Trust’ for the Winter one.

Thank you, Van Tran.

Always helpful to be in good touch, too with photographer Nils don Sihvola in Finland and both Boss and Michael Bridgett, Jr., in Phnom Penh. Without their ongoing support and collaboration, I don’t think S P A C E would be evolving this nicely, as it has been, for these last four years. Thank you. To be continued, with some newcomers to Papers | Cojournal, from March. Cool.

See you in the up.

A 100% crowdfunded project. More: