Atelier S P A C E

Making zines on the road with new and different others

‘What if!… What if, I could go to new places, meet people I don’t know yet, and then, on the spot, make a zine with some of them?!’


‘What if we could write the stories of those places, and the people whom I get to know, and with whom I can share and listen, honestly and not trivially, and yes, this will take some time, and so, what if, what if… I did that!



‘You will have to be pretty careful about that, about quality. A weekly? Isn’t that.. .isn’t that a lot of them?’

‘Hell yeah!’



About Atelier S P A C E


Atelier S P A C E was DK’s 2-year roving conversation salon that got people talking together, and then, packed the best of the conversations into a weekly 16-page PDF zine.

These are the completed issues.

Mostly from: Finland | Latvia | Cambodia | Singapore | Malaysia | Vietnam. Read more at Get them at our store. Or subscribe to S P A C E at this crowdfunding page, to get what’s being made right now.

Sometimes I print limited edition copies to distribute amongst co-creators. Like this one, which was made with Kan Tomizawa...

And some other moments of conversations that led to zines and sharing stories..



Before S P A C E, there was ‘Make a Zine’

On the road in 2013-14 for ‘The Year of Enchantment,’ a kind of wandering into the things that happen and seeing what might emerge, I found Chiang Mai. There, I worked with SB on a small installation and workshop, ‘Make a Zine.’ It was really odd, for me, to think about later, the fact that out of all the things I could have offered to a brand new school, one that invited new and varied points of input in thinking widely and deeply in an effort to bring creative thinking to the educational rooms of Thailand, well, yeah, Zining. Happened.

There was music, too. The talented Mr. Cat and his band… Jazzy, jam-session-y. Like this…


Did this right before we got on the bus for a new life in Cambodia, I had no idea about that, by the way, either, this as the kind of party-sendoff that I remembered most of the entirety of the travels. You go on the road and you meet a ton of people, but sometimes there are people with whom you just *click*. SB and her friends were of that ilk, and I’m thankful to them for including me in their very early beginning of making things, on the spot, improvisationally. In the only way that I know how to do that really works.



And there was also Designers Korner, mostly in Seattle, but once in Bangkok, too…

Prior to getting to Chiang Mai, however, I was in Bangkok. I was in Bangkok for the same reason I’ve since ever been in Bangkok. on the way from one place to the next. With one giant exception, which was not a good experience, to meet someone with whom I no longer see the art of conversation being artful. Long story deleted here. Suffice to say, on this visit to Bangkok, I had the good timing to arrive at the same time as NS, who had hosted Designers Korner with me in Seattle for like two years. Every first Monday, back then. In Bangkok, we decided to do the same thing. Show up. Drink & draw. This is a pic from early 2014…

And this was Korner in Seattle…



In 2014, I tried something called S P A C E for the first time

This was in Palo Alto. This was at something called VIA Programs, at Stanford University. I was part of a team that lived with the students pictured here, and worked with them to design and explore design thinking. My role was to give them things to think about regarding life, and future goals in life, and how to design a life you want. I know, right? Big questions. For the sheer fun of it, we did a weeklong project called S P A C E | An Unconference.

Used the Open Space Technologies method, in addition to a bunch of things from my own toolkit, which I have put together over the years as a design consultant at Design Kompany,  or ‘DK,’ which is my boutique consulting firm.

A few pics…

It was also hugely inspired by a concurrent thing, a jazz festival…

I got to know a hell of a lot of cool new things about jazz improvisations, stage-setting and the kinds of things that people who do that think about and make happen, behind the scenes, too.

How to get S P C every week

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