Art exhibitions & installations

I am most excited about conversations that invite people whose paths might not otherwise have crossed to connect, meaningfully, in the space of a very short highly designed ‘moment.’

To do this, I use the decade-plus of experience I have as a journalist and designer, in which I have picked up quite a few tools to ‘get the story.’ For me, the story is that which we all discover as we get to talking, learning, and exploring in conversations that have a center and not sides. I learned a lot from mentors in jazz improvisation and dialogue facilitation, too, over the years, asking as I was inspired and learning how to build and design spaces that invite people to relax.

I want people to relax. To feel air, space, and comfort.

That’s what I said in my first artist statement, written for BTFL SIMPL, a solo show at an informal gallery space in Seattle. I want people to relax. To feel air, space and comfort. Why? I was getting overwhelmed myself, with the never-ending stream of distractions even before there were push notifications. What was important to learn learn and know about?, I wanted to know. And so I kept asking, refining the outlines of the places that were most intriguing (quantum physics, metaphysics, and international travel for the on-the-spot conversations that felt, weirdly, like they intertwined perfectly with those investigations). Non-academic pursuit of new knowledge, at the edges: how could I design for that?

Enter my conversation installation ideas. ūüėČ A few of them that worked well are listed below.

I’ve taken part in some gallery shows, too. A selection of them is also included, on this page.

Solo Shows

  • ‘Today I Love You’ solo show and zine popup x reception party, Carrack Modern Art, Durham NC 2012
  • BTFL SIMPL, 12′ x 3′ series of line art drawings, Form/Space Atelier, Seattle 2009
  • ‘Japanese Lines,’ photography show and artist talk at North Carolina Japan Center, Raleigh NC 1996

Group Shows

  • ‘Hei Kes√§’ with¬†Kahvila Tuokio, Oulu Arts Festival, Oulu 2018
  • ‘Float’ live drawing installation at streetwise art festival SPARK Con, Raleigh 2012
  • ‘I Went 2 the City (and There Was Nothing There)’ at Fragment Labs, Raleigh Art Walk 2011
  • Pauli Murray portrait and other drawings at People You May Know, Durham Arts Council, Durham NC 2011
  • ‘Evil Ha Ha Ha’ at Ouch My Eye’s group show ‘Apocalypse Now’, Seattle WA 2008
  • ‘Wavular’ at Vermilion Art Gallery, Seattle WA 2008
  • ‘Shades Beneath an African Sky’ group show and title piece, Brooks Hall Gallery, Raleigh NC 1997

Short talks

Conversation installations

  • S P A C E | ‘Miniparty’ #1-4: Rńęga, Bangkok, Hanoi, Penang, 2018-2019
  • ‘Hei Kes√§’ with Cafe Onni, for International Zine Day, K√§rs√§m√§ki ¬†2018
  • ‘Rooftop Philosophy¬†in Phnom Penh’, Patio Phnom Penh, 2016-17
  • ‘N’ Hanoi: NARRATIVE, as part of a series, ’16N’ hosted with A. Spaice, Hanoi 2017
  • ‘Ennui’, installation for conversation, Comme a la Maison, Phnom Penh¬†2015
  • ‘Hello August,’ conversation and garden party, Cabaret Phnom Penh 2015
  • ‘Math + Jazz’, installation for conversation with MA, Elephant Bar, Phnom Penh 2014
  • ‘Offline’ zinemaking popup with SB, Chiang Mai 2014
  • ‘Beauty: What is it? Who gets to decide?’, installation for conversation in Phnom Penh, 2014
  • ‘CHOICES’, The 1961, Siem Reap, 2014
  • ‘Modern Sikkim: Whaat does it mean to be Sikkimese?’, with EchoStream Design, Gangtok 2013
  • ‘Minority What does it mean to be overlooked?’ Beyu Cafe, Durham NC 2011
  • #DurhamTweetup, collaboration with Independent Weekly and JK, Durham NC 2011
  • ‘The State of Publishing’, roundtable with invited guest panelists anchoring the conversation, Mercury Studio Durham 2011
  • ‘AETHER: Is the medium the message?’, roundtable with guests Durham, Boston, New York and Washington DC 2011-12
  • Make Durham, 70+ joined this open, public, and freeconversation roundtable, Durham NC 2010
  • ‘Gather: What does it mean to have community?’ with John Boylan, at DK’s Kornerhaus, Seattle 2009
  • ‘Flourish: What is the role of the artist?’ at DK’s Kornerhaus, Seattle 2007
  • ‘Designers Korner’, conversations with others in design and programming, Stumbling Monk and Vermillion, Seattle 2007-2009 and Bangkok, 2015
  • ‘Sunrise party’, Pratt Institute, Brooklyn 1999


  • AIR Frosterus, artist residency, K√§rs√§m√§ki, Finland 2018
  • Writing residency for completion of a book, Kanishka, at Preetlari Magazine¬†in Preetnagar, 2013