kismuth means destiny. it’s a set of ebooks i published. informally. writing is a form of expression. it is not my goal in life to be a famous author. it just feels good sometimes to use words to share a meaningful exchange. words can be inadequate, of course. what was that that n. bohr had said? ah, yes. ‘we are suspended in language.’

still, sometimes it worked to get the feelings down and make them clear, to myself. the first book i wrote did that. it also hit home, i about the elopement (kismuth books / 2012) at live readings, book clubs, radio shows, and lunch dates. nice to have had resonance. my favorite of the series though is solitude (kismuth books /2021). put it together over a two-year-ish stretch of time, alone, in a foreign land. what happens when you show up for yourself over that kind of stretch of time? you get superbly honest.