This week, we are registering new guests for the online workshop, ‘SELF.’

Work your way towards the central concept of who you are, what you care about most, and why these things matter.

Do not fear the process of discovering that which matters to you, without the worry of feeling judged. This is your space.

DK offered The Mirror in online workshop form in 2018. That was after it was commissioned as a real life live-and-learn workshop, SELF. The directive was to help people consider the important and difficult question, ‘What do I do with my life?’

It’s not for everyone. But those of us talking already in the circles in online forums are doing the big work, I think, that we are showing up to do. Which is: making gestures towards that hard, curious, large question, ‘Who am I?’

I offered SELF as a workshop last in about 2016, after working out the prompts in real life with an experiential education program at Stanford University, two years before that, in California.


Register here