This coming month, I’m hosting a couple of conversation salons online, in S P A C E.



What is a ‘conversation salon?’

It’s a conversation for those who opt-in to take part, max four at a time. It’s for those who want to hear different perspectives, show up for themselves in a meaningful way to make time and space to self-discover, and be open to the possibility of learning something new. It’s S P A C E that does this, for me, and it’s S P A C E that I stage for those who perhaps might like to investigate this kind of opportunity. Just a few of us, just for fun. Some of the ideas that I draw inspiration from in shaping the way I host these spaces are the Open Space Technology method (just google it), free jazz or jazz jam sessions, and The Third Place concept, which is the kind of place that isn’t work, and isn’t home. Something else happens here.


Book a ticket to ‘A World Apart’ or ‘A Change of Perspective’

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