‘Time already happened.’

I document through collage a very specific set of conversations: isolated and recollected moments.

Think of a mirror reflecting another mirror.

Where does here stop, start? What about now? 

The collages I make–whether a temporal meet up of strangers in real life, or a physical book pieced together with papers I collect wherever I go–are each a set of collected moments, reprocessed, and given a chance to be experienced newly by someone who finds them, and turns pages, turns them back, regroups, and investigates… as a new moment.

Turning the pages, and making time to slow down, in order to absorb fully… so as to ultimately invite attentiveness.

In that space, there can then be, I feel, a conversation, between sender, and receiver, through this medium of small book collage.

To pause at ‘now.’

At ‘here.’

Could time mirror itself, too?

(The last picture Danish quantum physicist N. Bohr drew on a board, reportedly, before he died was that of a line on a Riemann surface.)

I started writing memoirs to document my own stories, and finished a series called Kismuth in 2016. Then, I began to imagine what it would be like to write and think about a near-future experience. So that’s why I started looking more deeply and seriously at Quantum Physics. (I studied engineering, and still remember when we got to those chapters). Naturally, science fiction pieces have started to find their way into my set of things-I-make, starting with these Soundclouds.

Originally, the title of this category, !*, was: ‘Conversations in the Rainy Season.’

Here’s why.

Having shifted from N. America to Southeast Asia in 2014, I found myself living each year through just two seasons (hot, wet). That sparked, for me, an internal dialogue, in which texts came up (Krishnamurthi, Bohr, Bohm), and led to a spiral of questions on ‘What is Time?’ itself.

An installation, ‘The Book of Time’, capped this query.

But sometimes, new pieces reach back to that conversation. Quantum physics, time and space. Bunches to play with, more yet to make.

Dipika Kohli, Phnom Penh 2019