26 July 2020

A new book | ‘Finnmark’

A long period of solitude and that means I remember… Finland. Specifically three months, mostly on my own, save for the routines that took me around to the supermarket, the few cafes I began to get to know the people in and sometimes the clientele, and of course, those I was sharing a house with. Not much going on, it being rural. I feel like that… now. Where I am. In *Secret Location*. It’s everything except that it’s not rural (just in the mode many of us are in, right now, in the world, not going out, not being rushed around).

Returning to Finland, in my mind

So, quite naturally, the old mood is flooding back in my mind. A really simple day-to-day. Mostly for me, alone. Like now.

Alone, in which you just take walks, go for simple meals, sit around a lot, and write. I mean I do. I almost always have the exact life, wherever I am. I just pop up and start my ateliers, alone, mostly, if I can find the moments. This is a sort of surprise moment; undesigned, but here we are. In the quiet space, again. You can read it.

Here’s the link…