Rooftop Philosophy in Phnom Penh

WHO: Guests, Dipika Kohli
WHERE: The Patio Hotel Rooftop Bar, Phnom Penh
WHEN: August 2016-January 2017
WHAT: A series of conversation salons
WHY: Getting the esoteric onto front and center stage felt like a good idea.

‘THE ESOTERIC IS, in many ways, hard to “grasp”,’ people would say, gently informing me that I needed to spell out what the salons and gatherings i was inviting them to were about. Waht was the value, they wanted to know. What would they get, tangibly. This outcome mindset was deafening and tiresome, for me. I finally decided to just throw it out there, and say, full-on, let’s talk about philosophy. AND LET’S DO IT ON A ROOF. The open air is great. And I had been to the venue before, it was perfect. The last few times, though, it had been banal and useless, the usual smalltalk. What if we could talk about philosophy? What if people who wanted to talk about life, the universe, space, origins of stars, metaphysics, existentialism, the meaning of it all, what if they found me becuase we put the call out there, the call for interest? That was this. That was rooftop philosophy. I met a dozen people through this unusual form, and two of them I now consider real… friends. This was the invitation:


Metaphilosophy and metaphysics, with clouds! 

Get together with a very small group of people to talk about things that feel more interesting than the usual drone of: ‘How long have you been in Phnom Penh?’ (yawn); ‘What do you do here?’ (Why? Are you job hunting?); ‘Where are you from?’ (How about ask me where I’m local?). The ‘Rooftop Philosophy in Phnom Penh’ salon is limited to just a few people and small and informal in style. Share your availability with DK by email and we’ll choose a date and time that works for most. Guided, prompt-led conversation. No experience or expertise necessary. Proficiency in English is best, but all are welcome. Light, relaxed, nice view. How to design space for great dialogue? Conversations that, I promise, will veer far from the vein of the above. That is the work of DK. The participation fee is USD $15 per person. Book your ticket to confirm your spot. Max 6.