19 June | Papers Saigon

After a lot of conversations in real life and in online spaces, I started something in May called ‘Interactive Papers Project.’ It’s a wild, curious and intriguing ride, so far, as we’re already in the throes of great breakthroughs. I know. Already?, and yet, yes, already. Anyone who has experienced a conversation with me in person, or maybe we haven’t met, but there was an online workshop somewhere that the guest took part in, knows that we can very quickly, very dramatically, and very short-set-tedly, is that a word?, get to it. The aesthetic moment.

That is, after all, the place exactly where it is that the ‘mini-theaters’ aim to take us. As if we’re getting on a ship. A spaceship, or a boat, a paper boat, headed to… Who knows. That’s not the point. The point is going. And we do. We go, alright… we go… there. Together, in a space designed with the goals in mind, ie, S P C. This kind of spacemaking is exactly what I do. For years it was for clients, over at my studio, at DK. Now it’s just for the happening-to-notice passerby.

Real life

Always the best channel for me, is real life. So, I’m happy to bring the Interactive Papers Project to real life popouts, from time to time, too. Like this.

To the journeys !