1 May | ‘Papers’

‘Papers’ is a project that is the culmination of all the conversations that I have been hosting, here and there, around Southeast Asia and Northern Europe mostly, in virtual spaces plus real life ‘mini parties.’ This is all the paring back to bare essentials of the ‘word-related explorations that I think are cool to try with others’ following the 2017-2019 Atelier S P A C E experiment. (Which had led to some insights. For one, I like small circles. I like things to go into new directions of query together, organically. I don’t like to over-specify what we’re going to do, rather, I like to invite the kinds of people who are interested in ‘shall we try this?’ to try something extraordinary, with me, and others who are like, ‘Yeah, okay. Let’s.’)

Not for everyone. But sometimes, the timing works out and we’re just there together and we’re like, ‘All right, then.’ So that’s what’s going to happen now. On 1 May we’ll start ‘Papers.’

There are 3 spots left at the time of this writing. Curious ? That’s a good start.

Learn more. Here’s a link.