‘Ninety percent of it is showing up.’

I host conversations in a range of settings, from fringe events alongside festivals, to popup installations in cafes, to the showing-up and feeling like making something !*, right then and there on the spot. With whomever is around. At that instance.

This is part of why, I think, I began to make more of my collage and bricolage events, with papers to get us to talk together while also making something. Zines, for example.

That way, I could mingle and also make, with those who said ‘yes’ to internet invitations or knew me or heard about them to join in on real life events. I did this a lot during or just ahead of jazz concerts at jazz bars—improvised music in the jazz style is a natural complement to the ‘paperjams’ I love to make.

But then, over time, I found other people and other places to work with and design *magic moments*. For example, I hosted a set of ‘mini parties’ with invite-only guests lists in Hanoi, Bangkok, Riga, and Phnom Penh. So far.

Now, I’m starting something new for 2020. A theater of A-Z.

A new start. A new beginning. A fresh philosophy of this here, and this now.

Some of the workshops I’ve hosted have engaged people in such extraordinary ways that I moved from making sessions for clients at DK, my design studio, into more informal, conversation ‘installations’ in semi-public spaces. After two stints with newspapers (a weekly in southwest Ireland, and then a daily in Seattle) as a staff editor and photographer, I began a freelance style of making things for people in ways that got us all to explore, together. Today I do this lightly, in my salons, workshops, and small ‘miniature theaters.’ The whole thing sort of grew out of what came the years before. For example, like this:

Seattle | Design Kompany LLC 2006-2009
Durham NC | Design Kompany & Kismuth Books 2010-2013
South and Southeast Asia | ‘Year of Enchantment’ 2013
Phnom PenhKismuth & The Way & S P A C E 2014-2019
*Secret location* | DipikaKohli.com


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