I’m Dipika Kohli and I make S P A C E.

Currently I am in Southeast Asia’s growing and ever-bustling Phnom Penh.

Next, I will take Atelier S P A C E on the road for a bit. We will go to the Silent S P A C E places. No recordings or social media postings, not like I was really doing this, but I will focus on intentionally quieting.

In fact, I plan to go to the most remote places I can conceive to explore the depth of quiet, there.

Where? With whom? When, and why? I will share the details of these journeys in y S P A C E publications every week. I will share it exclusively with those who are subscribed to it, because subscriptions [$] help me keep the lights on.

The purpose of making S P A C E: ‘Why do you do it?’

Indeed, this is the most common question I get.

I write and share zines, and other musings. I invite people. I include them. I make space for us to show up as we are, wherever we are. And discover more about each other, and ourselves. No agenda, no BS, no religious stuff. Just space to be.

Like the porch in the United States’ Southeastern state of North Carolina, for example, or the Third Place in the 90s before the internet and instagrammers took over. Space for us. Space for the simplicity of it all, just being ambiently together. Spaces where you can linger, and be yourself, and let your guard down, and know you are welcome. Where you will be sure to hear people laugh out loud, together. Like a jazzy jam session, we’ll make it up as we go.

I miss that.

I make S P A C E for us to have this kind of time. Mostly, that’s my why.


You can see the curatied reviews from people who have joined in on some of the various kinds of events for us to gather, and connect meaningfully, with those whose paths we might not have otherwise crossed. Read reviews >

Even at my ‘day job’ I prioritize Play. Optimize for Fun. For 15 years, I ran a design studio called Design Kompany, in Seattle and Durham NC, with my best friend. Then, I focused more exclusively on my writing projects at Kismuth Books. So, that’s me, generally. Querying and questing my way around the world, seeking the new and the interesting.

Intrigue and the magic

I have been running Atelier S P A C E in a personal, lightweight way since 2017. We make a e-mag, or ‘zine,’ called S P A C E, every week. It’s based on the conversations that have emerged, with those whose paths I’ve crossed. All of this has led me on a long winding road that took me around Northern Europe and Southeast Asia a half-dozen times a piece.

Writing my way to discovering new ways of looking at things, changing perspectives, and dialing in on what I feel matters most to me, and those who read S P A C E, is the goal.

Which is what, exactly?

In a nutshell, it’s curiosity.

I make S P A C E for the very curious

And now, this.

It’s exciting now for me to shape a new, very different, new chapter.

Silent S P A C E | The Stories of Us

Stories of Us is the new focus, for S P A C E. I’m looking for the conversations that will come together in real life through random chance encounters, of course I will never stop asking questions or being open to whomever may cross my path, but these days, I am doing much more online research and finding out from written documents, stories of the past, what informs the moment’s piece to publish and share.

Case in point is ‘A June Afternoon,’ which reminded me, in the course of both writing and first-layer-very-lightly reseaching for it, interviewing someone who had much to say about many, many other things that weren’t put into this story but rather, the shape of space that became what it was just because we were there, showing up, to be in it, well, I am ready for this new thing.

Living openly, one becomes a medium, a transmitter, living thus, as a river, one experiences life to the full, flows along with the current, and dies in order to live again, as an ocean. -Henry Miller

A quieter meander

S P A C E the Journey is in motion, with a geophysical movement through the world with stops along the way to converse and co-create, in the old way, but also, plenty of long-term stops so that one can immerse deeply in a place and get to know it ambiently, too. There is so much to say about silence.

Whereas S P A C E was more outward focused in years past, now, it will be the silent spaces from where the new publcations will be embroidered. Wishing myself luck, planning this, on the brink of Chapter Next.

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